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Cable Management System

$189 - $279
Available in multiple sizes to handle different lengths of camera cable
Part Number: 81



Cable Management 

Easily deploy and retrieve the cable and eliminate the mess on the deck of the boat or dock.  We will not dispute that this looks like a bucket with a knob on top, but it is the most efficient bucket we have ever seen.  If ordered at the time of purchase we will ship the camera and cable in the bucket for orders of 350' and below.  Larger cable orders require that the cable management system is shipped independently to avoid damage in shipping (especially on international orders)

  • Heavy duty handle
  • Stainless hardware
  • Drain (weep) holes in bottom
  • Internal optic cable center to protect cable
  • Sturdy base 
Cable 200 ** Handles up to 200' of High Definition or 250' Analog Cable
Cable 300 ** Handles up to 350' of Analog or 300 of High Definition (HD)
Cable 400 ** Handles up to 500' of Analog or 400 of High Definition (HD)

** Camera shown in example pictures not included ***

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