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<strong>5600 HD-SDI-AHD * 3 inch diameter * Sea Drop Camera</strong> <p>Designed for looking down at bottom or inspections with small diameter shaft</p> <p>HD-SDI 50' to 150</p> </p>HD-AHD 200' to 1000'</p>

5600 HD-SDI-AHD * 3 inch diameter * Sea Drop Camera

Designed for looking down at bottom or inspections with small diameter shaft

HD-SDI 50' to 150

HD-AHD 200' to 1000'

Price: $1,900.00
Part Number:56-Metal


HD Cable Option
Cable Management Options:
Select Internal or External Lights
Camera Specifics
AC Adapter - Replace with UK 2 Prong Round


HD-AHD Camera Specifications

STANDARD KIT 5600 - METAL 3" Diameter

Sea-Drop™ Face Down Video Camera


Industrial quality camera body made from solid aluminum stock has a depth rating of over 1000'.  Can be ordered with optional internal lights that can be dimmed from the surface.  Camera settings can be configured (real time) at the surface if needed.

  • Designed for 24/7 Underwater Deployment
  • Industrial Grade Solid Metal Body
  • High Strength Lexan Lens with Flutes for Protection
  • B&W & Color camera probe (both Infra-red and low-light capable)
  • Industrial Metal Case 
  • 50 feet Sea-Serpent™ Cable, custom fabricated
  • Cable hand spool
  • Cable clips (for combining video cable to tether line if desired)
  • 110-240 Volt AC (50/60 Hz) power Adapter
  • 12 VDC cigarette-lighter power Adapter
  • Hard Carrying/Storage Case to hold all of the above **
  • Must connect to a display for viewing:
    Connect to Video-IN Jack of your Monitor / VCR / Camcorder
** Carry case is provided for camera orders with a cable length of 250' or less.  If your camera is ordered with a cable reel then no cable reel is provided.
For cameras ordered in excess of 250' without a cable reel the camera is shipped on a round spool.

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