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<strong>HD SDI Broadcast PACKAGE</strong><p>RECORD with GPS real-time video at the surface.</p>


RECORD with GPS real-time video at the surface.

Price: $7,184.00
Part Number:115


Package Includes:
  • 10" IPS Sunlight Readable Monitor
  • Powered Console / Anodized Aluminum Panel
  • 7 ah Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Upgrade to 18 ah battery [+$75.00]
  • Recorder Options
  • HDMI H.264 Recorder
  • GPS Overlay Options
  • Proteus II SDI - Requires External GPS [+$2,795.00]
    Underwater Camera with 50' cable, internal lights, dimmer
    User Modifications
    HDMI to USB Adapter
    USB Adapter / Record and View on Laptop [+$450.00]
    Select Camera Model

    NOTE: Cable Longer than 500 may require special order, contact our office for details and time frames. help

    Lights - IR (Infrared) or Bright White:
    Cable Management Options:
    Special Request - Must Contact Seaviewer for Approval help
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    HD SDI Broadcast Package - HD Underwater Camera System

    Surface Console Features:

    Completely Portable (battery powered)

    Waterproof Surface Console

    Sunlight Readable IPS Monitor 10”

    Aluminum Panel

    Battery Indicator/Test Mode

    External Power Input (12 Volt)

    Rechargeable Battery (7ah Standard)

    Float Battery Charger

    12v Cigarette Lighter Cord

    - - - - - - -

    Camera Standard Features:

    Model 6000 Sea Drop HD Camera with Lexan Lens

    Drop Camera with cable length of 50 feet

    Pressure tested to 1000'

    Lighting – Internal 21 Led Bright White Lights

    - - - - - - -

    HD SDI Broadcast Package - Specific Features:

    Proteus II Overlay Device for GPS * Requires user provided GPS

    High Quality HDMI Recorder

    - - - - - - -


    Our Seaviewer Complete System is completely portable and ready to use out of the box (truly plug and play). All systems are fully tested at multiple times throughout manufacturing and then go through a final process of testing and charging just prior to shipping to assure complete user satisfaction.

    With the standard battery you have 3+ hours of continuous use but with a cost effective upgrade you are able to increase the battery to approx 6+ hours. The convenience of having the external power connection and adapters for both 12v and 115-220ac allows unlimited usage. The battery status can be checked anytime with the built in battery meter.

    This console comes with a high quality video recorder which records underwater video while being viewed “REAL-TIME” at the surface. In addition to recording video the recorder also has a “SNAP-SHOT” mode to capture specific moments. Our recorder also allows for several quality settings which extend the recording time while still maintaining good quality recordings.

    Media – The recording media is removable which allows the user to change the media quickly and easily. Although the recordings can be viewed on the surface console at anytime the removable media allows the recordings to also be viewed and edited in the office on a computer.

    The Proteus II Overlay extends the capabilities of the system by displaying GPS* information on the screen in real-time. Our SeaTrak HD also provides the option of showing Date/Time on the screen along with the Longitude and Latitude ( LOT / LAN ). The SeaTrak HD Overlay has a standard RS232 port for connection of the external GPS unit. The SeaTrak also has a pass through connection so can easily be inline if the boat GPS is used, while maintaining the same GPS information on the boats helm.

    - - - - - - -

    Camera Details / Options

    The included Model 6000 Sea Drop camera comes with 50 feet of cable and internal lights. The Model 6000 Seaviewer Camera is designed to be used as a “Drop” camera. A drop camera is attached to a cable and lowered overboard while connected. This deployment allows for the user to see the video in real-time at the surface. We offer several different camera bodies with the same high quality HD internal camera module.

    During your selection process you can change the camera body based on your requirements and add additional cable up to 1000'.

    * Proteus II Overlay requirements – user provided GPS